LOUD silence



Shary Boyle (Toronto), Darrin Martin (San Francisco), Alison O’Daniel (Los Angeles), Christine Sun Kim (Berlin/New York)

This exhibition included prints, drawings, sculptures, videos, audio works and several film installations, and featured work by four artists who have different relationships to deafness and hearing-impairedness. These  artists consider how the binary of loudness and silence might be transformed in politicized ways through deafness. The stereotypical view of the deaf experience is that they live a life of total silence, where they retain little to no concept of sound. But on the contrary, deaf people actually know a lot about sound, and sound informs and inhabits their world just as much as the next person. Through these artworks, the artists aim to loudly explode the myth of a silent deaf world, and they seek to trouble just how “inaudible” sound really is through their own visceral experiences of it.


Grand Central Art Center

California State University Fullerton

September 6–December 6, 2014


University of California San Diego

January 22–March 13, 2015