The Art of Access
A Practical Guide for Museum Accessibility

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The Art of Access: A Practical Guide for Museum Accessibility is a one-stop guide to the incremental ways your museum can build a comprehensive approach to accessibility that can be easily integrated into the fabric of your museum.

Highlights include:

  • Consultation with leaders in the field and calling on practitioners from across the disciplines (art, science, history, business, living collections)
  • Concrete examples and specific resources
  • Partnerships
  • Physical/environmental access
  • Sensory access
  • Inclusive spaces, exhibitions, and programs
  • Staff training and institutional buy-in

Each chapter presents practical actions that any museum or cultural institution (regardless of the size, budget, or scope) can take to better engage and welcome visitors of all ages and abilities. This book will illuminate the incremental ways in which accessibility can be easily integrated into the fabric of museums, thus enabling institutions to better engage with audiences who would otherwise not visit the museum.

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