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Amanda Cachia provides consulting on “creative access” for the benefit of the staff and audiences of museums and galleries. “Creative access” is a concept that Cachia developed in 2012 which emphasizes the creative and conceptual aspects of access, rather than considering access as a mere policy or protocol tacked onto an overall exhibition display. To date, Cachia has offered consultation services to organizations and museums including Meta Open Arts (formerly known as Facebook), Metropolitan Museum of Art, North Carolina Museum of Art, Baltimore Museum of Art, USC Pacific Asia Museum, Vancouver Art Gallery in Canada, and Edvard Munch Museum in Norway.

Consulting Services
  • Services included lectures, workshops, audio description workshops, review of label copy, review of collection databases to address and revise ableist narratives, curating disability-centered exhibitions
  • Review and revision of label copy and collection database
  • 1 hour Workshop
  • 30-40 minute lecture
  • 1 hour lecture