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I have 25 years of experience as a gallery director, curator, writer and art historian, with a focus on disability art activism and creative access in the art world. I’ve curated approximately 40 exhibitions, many of which have traveled to cities across the USA, England, Australia and Canada. As Director of the Dunlop Art Gallery in Canada, I was responsible for a professional staff of six-full time and ten part-time people, and an annual programming budget of $200,000. In the past 10 years, I have worked as an independent curator and art history and curatorial studies lecturer in multiple teaching positions. I have been hired to work for a range of museums and galleries, particularly university art galleries.

In one of my most ambitious projects, Automatisme Ambulatoire, at the Owens Art Gallery at Mt. Allison University in Canada in 2019, I worked with six international contemporary artists including My Barbarian. The exhibition received $178,000 in funding from the Canada Council for the Arts, and I commissioned and paid each artist a fee of $15,000 to develop new work in response to atypical embodiment as considered through gendered, queer and disabled subjectivities.

In 2022, I curated Crip Ecologies for the Art Gallery of Windsor in Ontario, Canada that included 10 artists, and Script/Rescript for San Diego State University Art Gallery, also with 10 artists, where artists challenged the reductive scripts of the medical industrial complex.

For more current information on my curatorial projects for 2023 and 2024, pleases see my CV.



  • My usual fee for curating exhibitions includes developing concept, developing floor plans, liaising with artists, writing label copy and curator's essay, and developing creative access components
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