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Welcome to Saskatchewan


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“Welcome to Saskatchewan,” Mind the Gap!, Dunlop Art Gallery, SK, Canada, 2009

My first visit to Regina was for my interview as Assistant Curator at the Dunlop Art Gallery. In December 2006 I traveled on a bus from Saskatoon to Regina through a severe snowstorm peering out the window furtively, half in horror, half in shock; all I could see was a blanket of snow – everything was white. I couldn’t even make out the horizon line. For any person newly moving to Saskatchewan such thoughts and vivid memories, I’m sure, are familiar. But Regina gave me a welcome, and while the weather may not have been warm the people certainly were. “Saskatchewan is a place that people come to and stay in because of relationships. It seems that this isn’t a destination for people as much as it is a place to be with people.”2 I quickly realized that Regina had a strong and supportive arts community, and an intelligent and very hungry one – always wanting more, seeking more, wanting to be challenged and stirred. I had landed in Saskatchewan, in Regina, in an arts organization that could provide audiences with that which they desired and, at the same time, spark to life my own passions, interests and drives.


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